Twilio Helper Library for Salesforce

Get ready to unleash the power of the Twilio cloud communications platform in Salesforce and! Soon you’ll be building powerful voice and text messaging apps in Apex and Visualforce.

With this toolkit you’ll be able to:

  • Make requests to Twilio’s REST API
  • Control phone calls and respond to text messages in real time with TwiML
  • Embed Twilio Client in-browser calling in your Salesforce and apps


We’ve made it easy to get started. Just grab the code from GitHub and deploy it to your Salesforce org with the included Ant script.

  1. Checkout or download the twilio-salesforce library from GitHub.

    $ git clone
  2. Install the Migration Tool plugin for Ant, if you don’t already have it.

  3. Edit install/ to insert your Salesforce username and password. Since you will be using the API to access Salesforce, remember to append your Security Token to your password.

  4. Open your command line to the install folder, then deploy using Ant:

    $ ant deployTwilio

Now all the library code is in your org and you’re ready to start coding!

Getting Started

The quickstart will get you up and running in a few quick minutes.

This guide assumes you understand the core concepts of Twilio. If you’ve never used Twilio before, don’t fret! Just read about how Twilio works and then jump in.

User Guide

Functionality is split over three different sub-packages within twilio-salesforce. Below are in-depth guides to specific portions of the library.


Query the Twilio REST API to create phone calls, send SMS messages and so much more


Generates Twilio Markup Language (TwiML) instructions for controlling and manipulating live phone calls and responding to text messages.


Small functions useful for validating requests are coming from Twilio

Support and Development

All project development occurs on GitHub. To checkout the source, use:

$ git clone

Report bugs using the Github issue tracker.

If you have questions that aren’t answered by this documentation, ask the #twilio IRC channel